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My name is Toby and I am originally from West Palm Beach, FL but I currently live in Los Angeles.. I started my career working as a Chef for ten years at various James Beard winning/Michelin starred restaurants throughout the Florida area as well as in Boston and Los Angeles. My favorite part was being creative and making plates look like edible works of art. I even got to work under a master ramen chef from Japan and went on to run my own ramen pop ups in Boston, as well as in Los Angeles.

At the same time I was working as a chef, I was also working as a music producer/engineer on the side making music for local artists with programs such as FL Studio and Pro Tools. I loved getting to zone out on my laptop for hours working on a song. I learned that I really enjoy solo computer work as long as it is creative. This revelation eventually led me to find UX/UI design.

Creating edible art for years, I honed my skills with shapes, colors, and textures in a fast paced environment where all that matters is results. We had to put ourselves in the shoes of our diners (users) every night to make sure we delivered the best experience we could, the same is true for UX/UI.  Now those experiences inform every design I create.

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