Web Design: Adaleg IT


Adaleg IT needs an efficient way to communicate with school administrators, adults, and parents to help demonstrate the value of their coding programs. 


Adaleg IT needs an updated landing page, as well as a new page on their website to direct school administrators and introduce their children's coding program to schools. 


In this project I worked with a team of UX designers to design a new landing page as well as a separate web page for Adaleg IT. The purpose of the landing page is to be inclusive to adults, parents, as well as school administrators. The second page is to help the CEO convince administrators to sign their schools up for the program. 

Group 128.png

I was tasked with leading the ideation and prototyping, as well as creating the component libraries for both low and high fidelity. 


Heuristic analysis, IA, card sorting, competitive & comparative analysis, interviews, affinity mapping, personas, journey mapping, sketches, wireframes and prototyping.


Research plan, wire frames, low, mid and high fidelity prototype for both pages.