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Web Design: Adaleg IT

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In this project I worked with a team of UX designers to design a new webpage for Adaleg IT. This page will be designed to inform school administrators and introduce their children's coding program to schools.  

  • Adaleg IT needs an efficient way to communicate with school administrators, adults, and parents to help demonstrate the value of their coding programs. 

  • Adaleg IT needs an updated landing page.

  • They also need a new page on their website to direct school administrators and introduce their children's coding program to schools. 


UX Designer


Heuristic analysis, IA, card sorting, competitive & comparative analysis, interviews, affinity mapping, personas, journey mapping, sketches, wireframes and prototyping.

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Adaleg IT is a Jewish Community-Based training organization that provides individuals with the necessary skills, know-how, experience, and opportunities to leap into a career in tech. They run high-end courses that draw on the best industry standard curriculums. Adaleg has also created an Online Coding for Kids at Home program.

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Current Page:
Competitive analysis:
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Screen Shot 2022-11-28 at 2.17.05 PM.png
Skill Samurai
Our team would have loved to interview the schools that are currently using the Adaleg program, but due to the clients busy schedule it did not happen. Forging ahead with a desire to fully understand the experience administrators and teachers have with tech in the classroom we ran several other interviews. We ran a total of 6 interviews, all participants are teachers of various schools and grade levels. 
Frame 14200 (4).png
Out of the six interviewed, only one of the participants had any coding knowledge. They may not know how to code themselves, however all of the teachers agreed that coding was very important to begin teaching to students as early as possible.  
We used the interview data that we collected to create these personas. These personas were to help us keep these specific users in mind while we create the new pages. Their influence can be felt all the way through to the final prototype. The first is a school administrator who is in charge of the curriculum. She is the target user for our design. The second is a teacher who is tech savvy and is trying to get coding into her curriculum but will need permission from the school. She will feel the direct effect of the school joining the Adaleg coding program.   
Journey Map:
We used journey mapping to map out the experience an administrator would have when they first log on to Adaleg. This helps us find pain points in the process. Here we discovered that once they go on the site there is significant lag time between when they are curious about the program, and when they can actually get ahold of more information. This helped us design the new page where we could answer more of the admins questions faster with no lag time.
adaleg Wrireframe3.webp
adaleg Wireframe4.webp
Adelgeg Wireframe.webp
I started with some sketches to map out both pages. Our client wanted the page to encompass school administrators, as well as adults who want to learn to code and parents who want to get their kids involved. He wanted administrators to sign up after seeing the page without him having to explain things further.
Prototype version one & two:
We created two versions to get a feel for the direction our client wanted. Unfortunately this is where after many negotiations we could not come to a financial agreement and were forced to cut the project short. 
homepageDRK (1).png
Final version:
After the project had ended I went on to attend Memorisely's UI focused program. I learned so much from the program that I went back into the file and created a new version. Using responsive design and interactive components I created a new design for Adaleg that is far superior to my our first attempts. 
Adaleg 3.0 (2).png
This project taught me about working with a freelance client and all the little things that can go wrong. Looking back on this project I wish we could have dug deeper into why the schools that had already signed up for Adaleg had done so. What influenced their decisions to do so? I believe that with more research our designs could have been more informed. This project was a lot of fun and I will take these lessons with me through my next projects.
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