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Thanks for stopping by my page! I'm Toby Weidenbaum, a Product Designer who loves solving user problems and creating simple yet impactful products for web and mobile. On my off-time I’m a ramen chef who hosts pop ups all over California!

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Recent projects

Group 9 (8).png

UX Research & Product Design

AdalegMockup3.0 (1).png


In this project I worked with a team of UX designers to design a new webpage for Adaleg IT. This page will be designed to inform school administrators and introduce their children's coding program to schools.  

Group 14.png

Mobile UI Design

Flow Mockup (1).png


In this project I collaborated with a team of UX/UI designers at the Memorizely UI design program to create an onboarding experience for a meditation app that would boost the conversion rate of the users.

MahoganyLogo (3).png

Web Application- UI Design



For this case study I created a digital music library, with the ability to search for and play tracks from the Mahogany Sessions. The goal of this case study was to practice key UI style, component, and prototype techniques.

white+logo+optimize 1.png

UX Research & Mobile Design


OptiMize is a student-led organization from the University of Michigan that offers mentorship, community, and funding to student entrepreneurs who are focused on social impact work. In this conceptual project a team of UX/UI students and I were tasked with creating a mobile platform that allows student entrepreneurs to connect with mentors, see current projects other students are working on, and track the progress of their own projects.

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